Minnesota Barbell is an annex to Timberwolf Fitness and lead by long-time strength coach Bob Durant. The purpose of the Minnesota Barbell is simple: to allow those interested in developing their technique & understanding of the Olympic lifts and Powerlifting, the opportunity to do just that!

Whether you are a CrossFit athlete looking to add some strength, first timer brand new to barbell training who needs to brush up on technique, or simply someone who loves throwing around heavyweight Minnesota Barbell is the place for you!

These programs can be run in addition to your Crossfit programming or as a standalone strength program. Minnesota Barbell is located inside of Timberwolf Fitness.


If you want to maximize your strength, you’ve found your program! Each training session fits a warm-up, a variety of strength work, and a short strength based metcon into a 75-minute class. This class is perfect for athletes looking for a complete program to supplement another sport, or busy professionals who need a structured and successful strength program.

*Two days of enough? Extend to a 4-day program, 2 class sessions and 2 supervised lifting sessions where you come in and complete the workout on your own.

*Looking for that special touch? Personalized programming is also available.


Do you love Olympic Lifting and want to get better, or are you brand new and want to learn a new skill? Either way, Minnesota Barbell is the place for you!!! If you are interested in….

·  Increasing explosiveness power & speed

·  Improving your technique

·  Improving your positional strength & mobility needed to perform the Olympic Lifts

·  Tossing some weight around

*Is two days a week not enough? This program can easily be extended to a 4-day program that includes 2 class sessions and 2 supervised lifting sessions.

*Are you looking for a program fit to your personal goals? Personalized programming is also available.


  • Develop Dominating Strength, BOTH Mentally & Physically
  • Dramatic Improvement in Self Confidence & Discipline
  • Rapid Improvements in Speed, Agility, Power & Explosiveness
  • Greatly Reduce Chances of Injuries
  • Rehab Old Injuries / Surgeries
  • Core Strength & Stamina that Increases Sports Performance & Full Body Power
  • Improve Flexibility, Mobility & Overall Athleticism
  • Simple & Effective Nutrition Guidance & Accountability to Radically Transform The Mind & Body



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