Timberwolf Fitness Roseville – CrossFit WOD

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Accessory Work

10 min to Work on Muscle ups

(Kips Swings- Catch Positions- Ring Support or Banded Muscle ups)

Experienced athletese work on Ring Muscle ups or Strict Ring Muscle ups

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


1)Max Cals or Rower or Bike

2)Max Hang DB Snatch

3)Max Rope Climbs

4) Rest
S 30/20, Rope Walk ups/downs feet stay on ground

RX 50/35

*Stagger start so that every can use a rope…so if you start on DB snatch you go to rope then max cals then rest.

So even when you stagger you still rotate down through all 3 movements so EVERYONE rests on min 4.

Score is total reps